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Solitaire Online - How to Play

Before you play solitaire online you may need a refresher on some of the rules. Playing Solitaire online is nice because you don't have to know the proper way to shuffle and display the cards.

Basically you are trying to arrange all the playing cards in a certain order. If you see for instance a red 9 and a black 8 you can drag the 8 on top of the 9. Once you are stuck and can no longer arrange the visible cards you move on to clicking the stack in the upper left corner.

If you stumble upon a red 7 in this case then you can drag it onto the black 8. Once you properly stack all of the cards then you will have to move them again to the stacks in the upper right hand corner. This time it will be in the reverse order.

I hope you enjoy playing solitaire online and link to this page if you have a website or blog.

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